This page contains syllabi for courses taught by P. Kerim Friedman, a professor in the Department of Ethnic Relations & Cultures, at National Dong Hwa University in Taiwan. 這個網頁有傅可恩老師的課程大綱。傅老師是花蓮國立東華大學族群關係與文化學系的教授。

研究所 Graduate Courses

文化理論專題 Seminar on Cultural Theories (112-1) - Required course for Ph.D. students.

語言人類學 Linguistic Anthropology (111-1) - Graduate seminar on linguistic anthropology.

影像民族誌 Visual Ethnography (104-1) - Graduate seminar on the theory and history of visual anthropology.

影像民族誌的製作 Visual Ethnography Production (111-2) - Graduate seminar on production methods in visual anthropology.

銀幕內外的台灣原住民 Indigenous Taiwanese on and off Screen (112-2) - Graduate seminar on Indigenous history and memory

大學系 Undergraduate Courses

政治經濟學概論 Introduction to Political Economy(111-2) - Undergraduate course on historical and contemporary inequality, focusing on the colonial encounter as well as issues pertaining to class, race, and gender.

語言與社會 Language and Society (111-1) - Undergraduate course that explores the relationships among language, thought, culture, and social structure.

印度原住民研究 Adivasi Studies (112-1) - Undergraduate course on Indigenous peoples in India.

原住民影像 Indigenous Images (112-1) - Undergraduate course exploring the representation of indigenous peoples in the media.

學習方法與技巧 Basic Study Skills (112-2) - Core course teaching basic college survival skills to undergraduates. (Co-taught.)

One-off Courses

Courses I only taught once.

Indigenous Taiwan on Screen - EC-5 BA Course for the 2021 Spring Semester Leiden University, International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS)

Ethnography of Contemporary Taiwan - EC-10 MA Course for the 2021 Fall Semester at Leiden University, International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS)

Define and Rule - Race, Gender, and Colonial Knowledge - An independent study class for Ph.D. students.

PhD Seminar in Sovereignty Studies - An independent study class for Ph.D. students.

原住民教育 Indigenous Education - Undergraduate course on issues of class, race, and gender in education, with a specific focus on indigenous education.

語言、科技與社會變遷 Language, Technology and Social Change - An independent study class for Ph.D. students.

語言與政治經濟學 Language and Political Economy - An independent study class for Ph.D. students.

服務學習 Service Learning - Undergraduate course for students completing their service learning requirement.