Other Academic Publications

The publications on this page have not gone through the vigorous process of peer-review, but are still academic publications that have received editorial feedback.

  1. Review of:《蘭嶼觀點》Voices of Orchid Island, by Hu Tai-li. Taiwan Journal of Anthropology.

  2. Anthropologists Answer Four Questions about the Pandemic.” American Anthropologist, (June).

  3. Who Owns a Language?” American Anthropologist 122 (1): 175–76.

  4. 導讀.” In 活出語言來: 語言人類學導論, edited by Laura M. 蘿拉 阿赫恩 Ahearn, translated by 劉子愷, 吳碩禹, and 蕭季樺譯. 群學.

  5. Book Review: Silvio, Teri J. 2019. Puppets, Gods, and Brands.” Taiwan Journal of Anthropology.

  6. (with Gabriele de Seta.) “Sensefield: An Exhibition of Experimental Ethnography.” Museum Anthropology Review 13 (1): 96–102.